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Ex Long Water/Air Heavy bag Kit Review  by   Steve Luong

Dear Friends,
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to review the MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy bag by eemore.com. This bag has been a great compliment to our training. We have been using the MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy bag as a tool to allow our students to be more effective with their striking techniques.
We have been working specifically with our student's punching techniques such as Jab, Cross combos to build up their correct form. The bag offers instant feedback when they punch incorrectly. We have also been using the bag to work on power kicking techniques such as back leg side kicks, roundhouse kicks and jump spinning back kicks.
The innovative water and air chambers simulates striking human tissue and provides a realistic aspect to punches and kicks. It provides a great way for our students to work on both their power and timing. When executing our kicks our students really feel how their techniques work when done on properly and how to respond correctly when the bag swings back.
The motion of the bag simulates the movement of an opponent moving toward or away from you. This provides an excellent opportunity to working on timing and footwork. One of our favorite drills is to have the students make two lines across from each other on both sides of the bag. While one line kicks with the right leg the other kicks with the left while alternating each person. This gives our student's practice with their footwork and timing while tracking the moving bag.
All of our students and instructors enjoy working with the bag. It gives them instant feedback on the effectiveness of their techniques and has now been a staple of our everyday training.

Thank you again.

Steve Luong
Instructor, North Valley Tae Kwon Do
Reno, NV

MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Heavy Bag Review  by   Shane Fazen

"My name is Shane Fazen, and I run the YouTube channel "fightTIPS." On my channel, I teach people how to properly defend themselves utilizing various martial arts techniques, to keep them and their loved ones safe.
We incorporate the striking arts like Boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo with the ferocity of street fighting, while promoting positive mental and physical health. Knowledge is key, but you must master each technique before you put it into action. And one way of training, is with the MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Bag.
Training with this bag allows me to practice all of the things I would need in a fight. And not only an MMA match, but even a street fight. The water-filled heavy bag gives it a human feel, which helps me to prepare for anything and everything my opponent might challenge me with. I can hang it up and work my punches, kicks, elbows, and clinch knees. I can also lay it flat and work my ground positioning and go all out with some ground-and-pound. Finally, I can fatigue my muscle by just getting a full-body workout with it. I love picking up all 120lbs. up over my shoulder, with an explosive hip thrust. The cumbersome bag feels just like a human-body would, squirming away and staying resistant. Training with this bag gives me a sense of familiarity to fighting with a real person.
After working out with the bag, not only is my heart-rate up and is sweat dripping from my nose, but the muscles in my forearms, back, and legs are on fire. And when I push myself that extra set, that extra round, it also helps to build my confidence. This bag allows me to train every component I use in a fight!

MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy Bag Review  by  Master Woo

First of all, I would like to say thank you to eeMore.com for giving us an opportunity to try their products! First, the MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy Bag. This extra-long heavy bag feels just like punching a real person and is suitable for all our school students of all ages and belt levels from beginners to instructors. The heavy bag cushion wrap comes with the package. This allows us to not only punch with gloves, but also kick even without padding. We also set up a couple bags varying in heaviness so students can choose the hardness, resistance and feels for their preferences. Adjusting the weight and height is easy and it seems quite durable. After that, The MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Heavy Bag is designed for three different training and fitness workouts modes such as the Heavy bag mode, Fitness mode and Uppercut bag mode. Having one bag allows us to practice fun exercises including grappling, throwing, sit-ups, push-ups and much more possibility. When it comes to choosing a heavy bag, I always prefer to use traditional heavy bag however I have always felt that it seems to have a limit when we use it for practice. Now we are a fan of products from eemore.com and I recommend you to try it out!

Master Woo

MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit Review  by  Morgan Callahan 

About six months ago, I bought the MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit at eeMore, 9661 Las Tunas Dr. # A in Temple City, California. I am very pleased with this exercise product, which I placed in my office where I prepare high school and adult school classes as well as do writing projects. I find I am able to exercise my legs and upper body, and improve my reflexes, as well as relieve stress that comes from the daily challenges of my life. Let me describe the Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit.
The Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit consists of the bag, an air pump, gloves and hand wrap to make the gloves fit more comfortably and to absorb sweat. I can conveniently fill the base with water to keep the bag grounded. I easily adjust the bag speed and tension, and the height of the bag in order to practice hand-eye coordination, quicker reaction time, and defensive and offensive movements of my arms, legs, and head. I do various exercises moving around the bag and shifting the position of my feet. I practice both with and without the gloves. I use the air pump to keep the bag sufficiently inflated.
In conclusion, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who would like a convenient, reasonably priced exercise device for his or her home or office. It would also be a good addition to gyms, which have various exercise machines. I like the fact that it is easy to set up, effective, and adaptable to the kinds of exercises I want to do. It does not take up too much space, nor require a long time of use to give me a good result.

Morgan Callahan
Rosemead, California

MaxxMMA Reflex Bag review  by  Mark Arnott

Thank you MaxxMMA, your Reflex Bag has been a huge and immediate hit at Arnott Kenpo Karate. Since it's arrival, it has not had a day of rest from instructor and students, kid and adult action. Even some of our Zumba students have made use of the bag to widen their horizons and include a bit of painless martial art in their workout.
We have used the bag to emphasize control and relaxation. It has proved invaluable in providing immediate unequivocal correction to students who tend to overpower their strikes. These students quickly realize that intelligent focus is required to make sure they work the bag for an extended time. This requires them to relax into a new pace, creating habits that are immediately useful when they return to working with partners. While we have worked out some simple drills, jab/reverse/hook punch combinations, our best most effective use of the bag as been free-form.
For our younger students we simply lower the bag and allow them to go at it. Watching their play with the bag often inspires drills for the adults. The fact that some of our junior students are working crescent kicks into their routines inspires the adults to practice on their own. Actually, solo, casual practice has been one of the first and most constant uses of the bag. Before and after class we have students working out, finding their rhythm, and quickly achieving as meditative pace that works equally well as warm-up and warm-down. There is a spring adjustment on the bottom of the support stem that allows you to easily adjust the speed of the recoil. The student choses his own pace, anywhere from contemplative to frenetic. The bag can be a relaxing or scary experience, and proves helpful either way.
The bag's easy mobility has also been a hit. We store it off the mat for most classes, bring it on as needed, or for all our open mat classes. With just the water-filled base it is very portable, but too light for most adult use- full power strikes tended to make the the bag with the water base a bit wobbly, so we slid a 25 lb. weight over the center stand, which added greatly to its stability. Some of our serious students plan to buy one of these for home use, and fill the base with wet sand, which would weigh pretty much the same (wet sand is almost twice as heavy as water).
All in all, in every way, this bag is a hit with all the gang at Arnott Kenpo. Thank you for the introduction to your line of equipment. Excellent stuff.

MMA and Muay Thai Circuit Training at the SMB Academy - Using MaxxMMA equipment   by  Ray White

We ran a circuit training class using some MaxxMMA equipment, including the Water/Air Heavy Bag and the Reflex Bag. See their workout and their reactions! Thank you to MaxxMMA for the great gear, and thank you to the students for putting in the hard work!

How to wrap hands for MMA and Muay Thai - Advance Single Antibacterial Mouthguard demo  by  Ray White

Muay Thai and MMA coach Ray White shows proper technique to wrap hands for MMA practice.

How to fit a mouthguard - Advance Single Antibacterial Mouthguard Demo  by  Ray White

Muay Thai instructor Ray White shares his tips on fitting and using the new MaxxMMA Advance Single Antibacterial Mouthguard Demo

Reflex Bag Review and Demonstration  by  Ray White

Coach Ray White demonstrates several techniques and training strategies on the all new MaxxMMA Reflex Bag. Stay tuned for our review and tutorial on the Water/Air Heavy Bag. (Thank you, eeMore and MaxxMMA for sharing your products, Kru Ray looks forward to doing more reviews and tutorials for you in the future!)

 Water / Air Heavy Bag  by  Ray White

Kru Ray White demonstrates the assembly and use of the Water / Air heavy bag at the SMB Academy in Battle Creek, MI.

MAXX MMA Heavy Bag fun outdoors  by  Vincent

Got a new heavy bag and its freaking awesome!! I'm outside right? This thing was empty and then we filled it with water and air. How much you put in affects how hard and heavy it gets; when you're done, empty it out and take it home! Super convenient yeah? Also makes it the perfect punching bag? It's got the right heft and weight of a normal bag, except this one you can carry around. Now I'm just messing around. Sad that my tricycle skills are so pathetic now. lol

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